Residential Services


Abilities Plus provides several homes in the community for adults with disabilities.  The goal of each home is to give individuals with disabilities as much independence and integration as possible, while teaching self sufficiency.  Each individual served takes part in deciding where they would like to live, and how to fully access their community.

All homes offer 24/7 support staff who assist and teach individuals to become more independent in areas of cooking, cleaning, shopping, leisure, safety, personal fitness and many other areas.  Individuals enjoy many community integrated activities, such as concerts in the park, baseball games, fishing, boating, picnics and other entertainment venues.

Our residential program strives to provide the most natural home environment possible for the individuals we serve.  Families are always welcome to stop by and enjoy a meal, or just visit.


Sherry Martin Andrew Yarger Heather Angel          Andrea Millner making friendship bread August 2020